plant 植物,plant sentence 植物造句

botany 植物 花草 a living thing that grows in the earth and usually has a stem , leaves and roots, especially one that is smaller than a tree or bush . plant sentence 植物造句 .


it can be distinguished from other plant varieties of the same plant specie by the expression of at least one of the said characteristics.

Trade statistics showed the plant made of ivory button once 20% market share, so it was one of the main commodities.

It is sort of a botanical outlaw -- a parasitic plant that steals nutrients from another plant while deceiving insects into pollinating it.

Watch carefully to see how the broad bean grows into a new plant.

It was like watching a starved plant draw up water, to see her drink in his companionship.

The coexistence of many plant species competing for a few resources is one of the central puzzles of community ecology.

Since the turn of the 20th century, how much of the world's plant genetic diversity for food and agriculture has been lost?

Chloroplasts are plant photosynthesis, place, can effectively will be the light of the sun energy into chemical energy.

This experiment had a real tomato plant in one box, and a tomato plant made out of felt fabric in the other.

Here the word protein is referred to as animal protein, for many legumes, seeds and sprouts contain plenty of plant protein.

Modern, manufactured days can be costly. Natural dyes form plant and animal products have been used since ancient times.

Before people arrived it was home to just a flightless bird, a land crab and no more than 30 species of plant, none as big as a bush.

Recombination of the numerous genes which determine crop yield and quality is usually the next phase of plant breeding.

In my research I discovered a unique group of genes necessary for a plant to determine if it's in the light or in the dark.

in the afternoon. my farther asked me to help him water the plant. and i was happy to see the flowers smiling in the wind.

Last summer I had reached the end of the rock garden and found a tiny little plant that I could not immediately identify.

Winter came, and the plant was covered with snow, but the snow glittered over it as if it had sunshine beneath as well as above.

He was one of if not the last of the classically trained botanists in plant taxonomy and systematics in the Philippines.

Every bit of the oleander plant is toxic, unlike the case for other plants where just the flower or sap might be poisonous.

I said nothing but, oh, nettle-plant, little nettle-plant, what dost thou here alone.

That he took on this diet is also a powerful demonstration of how the plant-based diet is going mainstream.

This 3-foot-long croc was a plant- and grub-eater with a pair of buckteeth in the lower jaw it used to dig for food.

Look, a butterfly was flying over from him, as if to say: "Come, come, join us to see Look at the plant four beautiful bar! "

He was no plant, but he too had needs, and over the most casual inspection of her made him aware of this.

One of Mr. Olmsted's first projects at Biltmore was to plant and grow the millions of flowers that would be used for the gardens there.

At the beginning of the game, the original purple crystal into a white, crystal growth led to rely on the plant all gray.

But no trick was needed to draw people here to see the plant. They had their eyes - and nostrils - wide open.

Every man, animal, plant is sort of "a leaf of this library " .

It is too early to tell if the recent decade marks the beginning of a longer term trend in plant growth related to long-term climate change.

Insufficient amounts of nitrogen gas, they say, will limit plant growth regardless of how much extra carbon dioxide is available.

Little is known of RHJ's plans for Opel, though the automaker's Ghent, Belgium, plant might have been a priority for RHJ.

A form of ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION in which the plant or alga breaks into fragments, each fragment growing into a new, independent plant.

Scientists say they are ready to begin human testing of a plant-based vaccine for the winter vomiting virus.


He observed that, at night, a plant's leaves drooped next to the sides of the stem but in the morning they rose as if to worship the sun.

With such a technology, fuel could be produced directly from the sun, rather than through a plant mediator, such as corn.

The power of a grain of the wheat to grow into a plant remains latent if it is not planted. (

The plant polyphenol was a category of natural product with unique physiology and chemical activating. It had been applied in Cosmetics.

So his advice is to pull the plant out of the container, then cut the bottom half of the root ball into four parts.

Shits, animals' excrements, are a fine fertilizer which will promote the growth of plant if being applied in the land.

Many plant and animal species, which can only survive in constant habitats, have found a home here.

OK, first question: What is the name for a plant that lives only one year or one growing season? This kind of plant is called an annual.

Darwin, one of the great plant researchers, proposed what has become known as the "root-brain" hypothesis.

When you eat a large meal, and if it's an unprocessed, plant-based meal, it's likely to be lower in calories, even if it has greater volume.

The little water it gets comes from plant roots, which it digs out with its hoofs.

The energy is then used during the dark cycle to allow the plant to build sugars used for growth and energy storage.

Modern, manufactured dyes can be costly. Natural dyes from plant and animal products have been used since ancient times.

My teacher explained that during the last week of school, I brought her a plant from my mother's garden. It was a lamb's ear.

The hottest days of summer begin after the summer solstice. Maybe a potted plant or flower at home can bring you a little bit of coolness.

If you plant the entire vegetable, nut or fruit, the plant that will grow from this will have all that it requires from its own flesh.

To find the name of a plant species it is often necessary to have a close look and count the male and female organs in the flowers.

The widely different degrees of extractability of the plant membrane lipids indicate the heterogeneous nature of membrane structure .

Bio-plastics, a biodegradable product made from plant extracts, were used for the engine cover and parts of the interior.

The hemlock is often confused with the water hemlock a different plant altogether, causes convulsions.


Such a method includes fermentation of a genetically modified microorganism or plant to produce L-ascorbic acid.

Sarracenia are considered easy to grow and are widely propagated and cultivated by gardeners and carnivorous plant enthusiasts.

Chinese notebooks record the case of a scholar who was refused new off shoots from a plant and was sentenced to jail for stealing it.

During the history of plant breeding there has been a desire to increase the choice of genes (the gene pool) available FOR crop improvement.

The pleiotropy of the five well-studied plant hormones is somewhat analogous to that of certain hormones in animal.

The problem is to note that the ratio of animal and plant, each with its half of the right, it's only a good balance of protein intake.

Within the plant kingdom are to be found a vast array of chemical structures.

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