国际送花国外送蛋糕祝福语汇总 International flower delivery cake blessing summary

远隔重洋,一束鲜花、一个蛋糕送到的身旁,花儿浓缩了我对你的祝福,蛋糕饱含着对你的情谊,国际送花、国外送蛋糕卡片留言写些什么好呀? 看看这些甜美的国际祝福语吧。
Across the ocean, a bouquet of flowers and a cake are sent to me. The flowers condensed my blessings to you. The cake is full of friendship to you. What do you write in the message of international flower delivery and cake delivery abroad? Look at these sweet international blessings.



1、my baby,虽然情人节时咱们不能在一起过,但是我要你知道,我的心从来没有走远…爱你!
My baby, although we can’t be together on Valentine’s day, I want you to know that my heart never goes far… Love you!
2、爱过的心不懂得介意,历经沧桑怎么再平静,我已决定我要永远等着你 ……
Love does not know how to mind, after the vicissitudes of life how to calm, I have decided that I will always wait for you
Love you, is my life’s hope.
I know I will not be the only one in your life, but you are my life’s favorite! Happy Valentine’s Day
Love you is my life without regret, the stars are my eyes. No matter how it ends, I know: you are the one I love most in my life! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Love you is a feeling. Miss you is a miss. It’s fate that keeps us together.
From the first time I saw you, I found that I finally found my partner! I want to give her a lifetime of happiness! Never wavered! I firmly believe that life will never waver! Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day!
The first time I met you, I finally understood what love at first sight is. Want to see you and have no courage, only at night think of you think of daze think of heartbreak!
Buddha said: the past 500 times look back, in exchange for this life pass by. If it is true, I would like to use 10000 times to meet you, and tell you: “I want to love you well.”.
Old road west wind thin horse, sunset, heartbreak Valentine’s day waiting for your phone!
Gentle breeze and drizzle are tears and gentle words when I think of you. No matter where you are, my thoughts accompany you! Because I love you!
Miss you, miss you, the season rushed through, the years have brought changes, I don’t know if you still remember me, but why I can’t always fondle your thoughts.
Joy is always too short, loneliness is always long, I wanted to harvest a wisp of spring breeze, but you gave me the whole spring!
Husband (wife): May our love always be as colorful as light tea, strong coffee, romantic red wine and warm vodka.
Without you, the sky is not blue! Without your flowers, it is not colorful! Without your rice, it is not fragrant! Without your sleep, it is not sweet! Happy Valentine’s day, dear!
Every time I see you, I have an inexplicable impulse to listen to your breath and kiss your lips. I will keep watch with my heart and gamble with my whole life. On Valentine’s day, I will say “I love you”.
Without you in the dream, it’s a nightmare. The cloud is not like you. It’s a dark cloud. I don’t want you in my heart. It’s not my heart.
You are like a rose, I would like to turn into a rose on the green leaves, always with you, carer you. May you have the joy of Christmas every day.
19、你是毒药,渗入我的血液,穿透我的神经,控制我的大脑, 2 月 14 日毒性发作,请别忘了,给我解药!
You are poison, penetrate my blood, penetrate my nerves, control my brain. The toxic attack on February 14, please don’t forget to give me the antidote!
You are the most shining note in my life, my life is wonderful because of you! May the beautiful music fill every morning and dusk after us.
Holding 999 red roses, give them to you in your dream. Offer: “I really miss you” & “you are the only one in my heart”. Wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!!
Thousands of blessings, health, joy, warmth, joy, wealth and peace We are with you. May the holiday bring you many warm and joyful things.
23、亲爱的宝贝,情人节快到了,在这温馨浪漫的节日里,祝你青春永驻,爱情甜蜜。我爱你!Kiss you!
Dear baby, Valentine’s Day is coming. In this warm and romantic festival, I wish you youth and sweet love. I love you!
On Valentine’s day, I’d like to be a fish, which can be braised, boiled, steamed, and then lying in your gentle stomach.
Deep love, rainy, you are a worm in my belly, I want you to know everything, everything in silence! Baby, Happy Valentine’s Day!
Deep friendship and blessings, continuous thoughts and greetings. On this beautiful day, I’d like to bring my wishes to you with flowers in the distance.
Time will prove my firm and persistent love for you. Don’t let the distance between time and space doubt each other’s true feelings and confidence, and never give up.
It is your tenderness that binds my heart and makes me miss you; it is your thoughtfulness that binds my people and makes me love you.
The people I love are famous and the people who love me are miserable. They are either spoiled in debauchery or perverted in silence. For Valentine’s Day!
I love you from the bottom of my soul, and I am willing to give you my life. You can accept as much as you like. It was like this at the beginning, and it will never change now.
I have no lover on Valentine’s day, only my wife. She is my favorite. Today is, tomorrow is, until I die, I have only her in my heart!
My missing is the continuous wind. From spring to summer, from autumn to winter, as long as your curtains flutter gently, I am calling you softly.
I have only you in my heart, only you occupy my heart, only you make me so hard to forget!
I am happy because I have you in my heart! I am comfortable because you have me in your heart! I am sweet because I love you! I am smooth because you love me!
I’m a little dog, you’re my bone. I’m going to travel with you in my mouth.
I hope you will tell me the most real idea, because today’s decision may be forever.
I want to give you my flying heart. No matter how high or how far I fly, I don’t have to worry about losing. Because one end of the line, you will never change!
I will touch your heart with the unchanging love of the vicissitudes of life, moisten your heart with the dead sea and the rotten rocks, and protect your heart with the eternal love of my whole life.
I lost something. I heard it’s in your place. Would you please take care of it for me? You’ll like it. By the way, forget to tell you: it’s my heart that’s lost to you
40、希望每一天都我都能给你带来快乐,I IOVE YOU
I hope I can bring you happiness every day
Acquaintance is fate, acquaintance is truth, love is song, and lovesickness is pain! I’d like to hurt and be sweet in your lovesickness!
I want to give you a BMW, but the money is too expensive. I haven’t learned how to comfort you. I want to kneel down for you, but the ring is still in the safe, so I have to send a bunch of Qingyang flowers to chase you.
A tacit understanding, a mutual understanding, a concern and a mutual pity make our friendship last forever.
With you all the way, I will be happy and sad with you. This sincere friendship will be cherished all my life.
A kind of lovesickness. Two carefree worries can’t be eliminated. It’s just under the brow, but on the heart.
Because of you, the deepest miss is tacit understanding, and the deepest understanding is understanding
Every day is a festival for those who have feelings. A cold warm, a line of noise; a exhortation, a paper handed down; a Acacia, hope for one heart; a love, love for life.
There are too many things to do and too many words to say to you, I want to build a warm nest for you to spend together, this life without regret
When we get together with you, we are very happy; when we remember each other, we have a vague aftertaste. May the moon bring my blessings and the flowers carry my heart.
May our love be like these layers of colors, from light and strong to the next life!
The days we spent together were very ordinary, seemingly calm, but this kind of ordinary day is the most romantic, right? My dear, Happy Valentine’s Day!
Do you know what I want to eat on Valentine’s day? Cook you, fry you, steam you; bake you, stew you, braised you; fry you, fry you, and mix you cold!

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