1、 您好!Hello!
2、 请!please!
3、 对不起。Sorry.
4、 谢谢!Thank you!
5、 再见! Goodbye!
6、 您早!Good morning!
7、 晚安!Good night!
8、 请问您贵姓?May I have your name, please?
9、 请原谅!Forgive me!
10、不用谢!Don't mention it!
11、没关系!Never mind!
13、请坐!Sit down, please!
14、请喝茶!Tea, please!
15、请多关照!Please take care of it!
16、请多指教!Please give more advice!
17、谢谢您的合作!Thank you for your cooperation.
18、对不起,让您久等了。I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
19、没关系,我刚到。Never mind. I just arrived.
20、给您添麻烦了。It's troublesome for you.
21、我能为您做什么?What can I do for you?
22、您好,请问您需要帮助吗?Hello, can I help you?
24、请慢走!Walk slowly, please!
25、欢迎再来!Welcome again!
26、您好,我是×××(单位名称)×××(姓名),请问您找谁?Hello, this is * * (name of unit)* * (name). May I ask who you are looking for?
27、麻烦您请×××同志接电话。Please call Comrade XXX.
28、请稍等,我帮您看看他在不在。Just a moment, please. I'll show you if he's in.
29、对不起,您找的人不在。有什么事需要转告吗?Sorry, the person you are looking for is not in. Is there anything I need to tell you?
30、对不起,您打错了。Sorry, you have the wrong number.
31、我就是,请问您是哪一位?This is me. Who are you, please?
32、请问您有什么事?What can I do for you?
33、这是同线电话,请您再打一遍好吗?This is a co-line call. Could you call again, please?
34、对不起,我没有听明白,请您再讲一遍。Sorry, I didn't catch you. Please repeat it.
35、请坐,请讲。Sit down, please.
36、请稍等,我马上给您办。Just a moment, please. I'll do it for you right away.
37、对不起,分管这项工作的同志不在,您可以将材料留下,我转交给他。Sorry, the comrade in charge of this work is not here. You can leave the materials and I will hand them over to him.
38、很抱歉,您要办的事不符合规定,我们不能办理。 I'm sorry, what you want to do is not in conformity with the regulations. We can't handle it.
39、这件事归×××(科室或姓名)管,我带您去。This matter is under the control of * Department or name. I'll take you there.
40、您的手续缺×××,请您补齐再来,好吗?Your formalities are insufficient. Would you please fill them up and come again?
41、您所反映的问题我们将尽快落实,谢谢您对我们工作的支持。The problems you have reflected will be implemented as soon as possible. Thank you for your support to our work.
42、不用谢,这是我们应该做的。You're welcome. That's what we should do.
43、有个通知请您记一下。Please take note of a notice.
44、对不起,这个问题我解决不了,等我请示领导后,再给您答复好吗?Sorry, I can't solve this problem. Can I give you a reply after I ask the leader?
45、对不起,这个问题一时解决不了,请您多包涵。Sorry, this problem can't be solved for a while. Please forgive me.
46、请您准时参加会议。Please attend the meeting on time.
47、请随时和我们联系。Please feel free to contact us. IV.
四、窗口服务单位文明用语 Civilized Terms of Window Service Units
48、这是公共场所,请您不要吸烟。This is a public place. Please don't smoke.
49、请多提宝贵意见。Please make more valuable comments.
50、还有什么需要我解释的?What else do I need to explain?
51、您需要我们向您提供些什么服务呢?What services do you need from us?
52、很高兴为您服务。It's my pleasure to serve you.
53、您的需要就是我的职责。Your need is my duty.
54、有不懂的地方您尽管问。Where you don't understand, just ask.
55、希望您能满意!I hope you are satisfied!
56、请您排队等候!Please wait in line!
57、请您按规定填写表格。Please fill in the form as required.
58、我们愿意为您提供各种咨询服务。We are willing to provide you with various consulting services.
59、我们的服务还有很多不足之处,请多指点。There are still many shortcomings in our service. Please give us more advice.
60、同志您好,欢迎您选购!Hello, comrade. Welcome to buy!
61、您要买点什么?What would you like to buy?
62、您需要什么?我拿给您看。What do you need? Let me show you.
63、不买没关系,欢迎您随便参观。It doesn't matter if you don't buy it. You are welcome to visit.
64、如果需要的话,我可以帮您参谋一下。If necessary, I can give you some advice.
65、这是您的东西,请拿好。Here's your stuff. Please take it.
66、来,我给您包扎一下。Come on, let me dress you up.
67、好了,请您看一下。OK. Please have a look. 摘自自然花卉ziranhuahui.com
68、这东西易碎,请您小心拿好,注意不要碰撞。This thing is fragile. Please take care not to collide.
69、这东西容易弄脏,请不要跟其它东西混放在一起。 It's easy to get dirty. Please don't mix it with other things.
70、这东西怕挤,乘车时请小心。This thing is afraid of crowding. Please be careful when riding.
71、东西我已帮您装好了,拿时注意不要倒置。 I have helped you to pack the things. Be careful not to put them upside down when you take them.
72、对不起,我们商店不经营这种商品,请您到××商店去看看。Sorry, our store does not handle this kind of commodity. Please go to the * store and have a look.
73、这种商品过两天会有,请您抽空来看看。This product will be available in two days. Please take time to see it.
74、这种商品暂时缺货,方便的话,请您留下姓名和电话,一有货马上通知您 ,好吗?This commodity is out of stock temporarily. If it is convenient, would you please leave your name and telephone number and notify you as soon as it is available?
75、真不巧,您问的商品我们刚卖完,近期不会有,请您到其它商店看看。Unfortunately, we have just sold out of the goods you asked. We won't have any in the near future. Please go to other stores and have a look.
76、如果可能的话,我们可以帮您邮去。 If possible, we can mail it for you.
77、请您放心,我们一定帮您解决,办好后我们通知您。Please rest assured that we will help you solve the problem and let you know when it is done.
78、谢谢您的合作,货到后一定通知您 。Thank you for your cooperation. We will notify you when the goods arrive.
79、您要去的地方在×地,可乘×路到×站下车……。Where you want to go is in * Di, you can take * Road to * Station and get off....
80、对不起,这个问题我不太清楚,请稍等一下,我帮您问一下。I'm sorry. I'm not sure about this. Please wait a moment. I'll ask for you.
81、对不起,今天人多,没能及时接待您 ,你需要些什么?I'm sorry, there are so many people today that I can't receive you in time. What do you need?
82、对不起,让您多跑了一趟。 I'm sorry to give you an extra trip.
83、刚才的误会,请您能谅解。I beg your pardon for the misunderstanding just now.
84、我可以将您的意见向领导反映,改进我们的工作。I can reflect your opinions to the leaders and improve our work.
85、由于我们工作上的过失,给您带来了麻烦,真是对不起。I'm sorry to have caused you trouble because of our mistakes in work.
86、您的意见很对,是我们搞错了,向您道歉。Your opinion is quite right. We have made a mistake. I apologize to you.
87、真是不好意思,让您受累了。 I'm so sorry to have bothered you.
88、您提的意见很好,我们一定采纳您的意见,改进工作。Your opinions are very good. We will certainly adopt your opinions and improve our work.
89、对不起,出售的时候我没注意,请原谅。Sorry, I didn't pay attention to it when it was sold. Please forgive me.
90、没关系,只要能使您满意,我们就尽力去做。Never mind. As long as we can satisfy you, we will try our best to do it.
91、请原谅,耽误您时间了,谢谢!Excuse me for the delay. Thank you.
92、同志,对不起,这是商品质量问题,我们可以负责退换。Comrade, I'm sorry. This is the quality problem of commodities. We can take charge of the exchange.
93、请您别着急,我马上给您拿 。Please don't worry. I'll get it for you right away.
94、请大家谅解一下,这们同志要赶车赶船,让他先买好吗?Please forgive me. This comrade is going to catch a car and catch a boat. Would you let him buy it first?
95、不客气,这是我们应该做的。You're welcome. That's what we should do.
96、不用客气,再见!You're welcome. Goodbye!
97、欢迎您以后常来。Welcome to visit us often.
98、您买的东西较多,请注意拿好。You buy a lot of things. Please take care of them.
99、谢谢,欢迎您下次再来,再见!Thank you. You are welcome to come again next time. Goodbye!
100、欢迎提出宝贵意见,以后请经常惠顾,谢谢。Welcome to make valuable comments. Please patronize us frequently in the future. Thank you.

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